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Too many sites, very little time

semi-overcast 73 °F

After a long overnight train from Budapest to Croatia, we arrived in Split, Croatia at about 09:10 and marched to our Airbnb deluxe apartment.


View from apartment terrace.

After a little rest, We set out to see the city and the “big game”, the finals of the World Cup soccer tournament. Dinner in a very nice restaurant while watching the game.

Then on to one of the plazas with the locals

Split has an interesting history. A settlement on the sea where a Roman emperor, Diocletian, decided to build his retirement home. He had an enormous castle built for himself and a few thousand of his closest slaves and soldiers. It took 20 years. And as one of my favorite comedians told me, “It’s good to be King (Emperor).”! During the next 1700 years the castle remained a living monument and was continually altered, added on, until in 1979 it became a UNESCO World Heritage site. It can no longer be changed without permission. Areas of the original Roman stronghold are still intact and viewable.

Roman original structure.

Sphinx, 3500 hundred years old, intact.


. Roman Soldiers guarding the “Golden Gate” entrance to the castle city.

BA5F569D-E69F-4B8A-8AF6-AABBD37CF4E2.jpeg My foot after a few days of walking. LOL

Original Roman era wall and facade.

Much of the epic HBO Game of Thrones was filmed in Split and neighboring areas. I missed the tours. I did have a short conversation with Tyrian.


A preview of the restaurant specialities of the evening.

After dinner, we engaged with the Croatians for a celebration after the game.

I was proud to be there, even though I didn’t understand a word of what they were saying. It was still fun.

On to Zagreb. We only had time for an overnight here.

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Athens, Greece

I return 50 years later. Athens isn’t the same and neither am I.

sunny 95 °F

On my way to Athens, Greece.

After a 50 year hiatus, I return to Athens my dream city. The birthplace of modern civilization, souvlaki, Acropolis, and so much more.. 50 years ago, my “mate”, Rick, and I travelled to Europe. We were 17 years old and lived on about $1.50 a day. We hitched a ride with a bloke and his chic from London to Istanbul and continued on to Athens, Greece. I adored the Acropolis and I still do. More importantly, as a result of that summer traveling with Rick Steiner, sneaking into youth hostels to take showers, sleeping in parks, scrounging, depending on our wits sometimes to survive we developed a bond that lasts to this day. Rick is not much for traveling anymore but we still talk, write, see each other occasionally in Las Vegas. The moral of this story is: Take an adventure with someone you hardly know, on a dare like ours. If you survive, at the end you will have created a long lasting memory and friendship. Try it, you’ll see I’m right.

Athens isn’t that same as it was 50 years ago or perhaps my memory isn’t the same. Yes, that is much more likely. Here is what it looks like now.


My son and I took a one day sailing trip to 3 islands. A most wonderful day.


A few more photo memories of Athens.


My final day in Athens, I climbed up to the Acropolis, very early, to beat the crowds. Success, only 30 plebes ahead of me. Sheeesh!



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